Crafting Basecamp Behavioral Consulting’s Digital Home

When the folks at Basecamp Behavioral Consulting reached out to us, they felt stumped: they needed a new website that would target 8 different types of clients with vastly different needs, and they needed new branding (complete with a new logo) that would appeal to all these different audiences simultaneously—they had no clue where to begin.

Thankfully, we deal with problems like this all the time. We knew right where to begin.

The Challenge: Making Everyone Feel at Home

For this to work, we knew that the UX for the site had to be top-notch—once people landed on their site, they had to be able to find what they needed quickly and easily. Basecamp also wanted their website to look both calming and welcoming, making everyone who visited feel that they were in the right place and could trust Basecamp to give them the help they were looking for.

The big challenge was how to talk to so many different people in the right way. Basecamp helps with a lot of mental health issues—from professionals struggling with stress and burnout to parents and individuals fighting tough emotional battles to teenagers with autism to adults with ADHD and more. It also helps people who are high-achieving to break through the barriers they’re facing to achieve even more. The website had to be a breeze to navigate, and it had to make everyone feel like they’d just walked into a friendly, helpful space that included a place just for them.

Making It Look and Feel Just Right

When it came to building the new brand, we wanted to use visual and textual metaphors that these varied audiences would strongly identify with. We decided mountains and maps were the way to go. Mountains are all about overcoming challenges and reaching new heights, which is what Basecamp aims to help every client do. And maps? They show that Basecamp is here to guide you, no matter where you’re starting from or where you need to go.

With a great user experience always top of mind, we designed the website using modern UX best practices, making sure the site was super easy to navigate and explore. We put in a simple main menu with 4 major categories targeting different audiences and then added submenus under each category to help visitors dig deeper into the content most relevant to them without getting lost or overwhelmed.

We also designed the home page with segmentation in mind. At the top of the fold are two buttons that help visitors choose the kind of service they need: business or personal. As you scroll down, you’ll come across 8 tiles with images and text targeting each of the 8 different audiences, along with buttons they can click to go to the pages most relevant to them. The new website feels like you have a friendly guide showing you around, moving you forward on your journey of healing quickly and clearly.

Your Journey in a Logo

The logo is made up of two mountains, but the mountains themselves are created from arrows that trace the path of two small dots on a journey toward the peak of the largest mountain. It represents the path toward healing—sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down, but it always goes forward. It’s simple but warm, and it tells you right away that Basecamp is here to make sure you’re always moving in the right direction.

We picked colors and fonts that make readers feel at ease—soft blues and oranges that we associate with tranquility, happiness, and warmth. All the colors on the site are easy on the eyes and feel inviting, and there are tons of images of mountains, forests, lakes, and hikers to reinforce the theme of a journey up a mountain.

The Result: A Welcoming Digital Space

Once the Basecamp Behavioral Consulting website went live, it was a hit. The owners loved how easy it was for their clients and potential clients to find what they needed and how the whole site made their audiences feel supported and understood.

This project was all about understanding what Basecamp stands for and making sure their website and brand were perfectly aligned with their values. By keeping it simple, warm, and easy to navigate, we created a space that feels like a home for anyone looking for guidance and direction in their mental health or personal growth journey. Basecamp Behavioral Consulting is now all set to welcome more people onto their voyage of growth and healing, with a digital presence that truly represents who they are.

Looking to build a new brand, logo, and website that all have to appeal to numerous market segments? We’d love to help. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach your goals.

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