No One Cares About Your Business

Seriously. No one. Not even your mama.

Sure, they may ask how business is going. You may want to tell people all about how your business is doing at networking events or on sales calls.

But don’t.

You know what people care about?

Solving their dang problems.

People care about themselves. They care about getting the ball across the finish line. They care about looking good to their boss. They care about taking home more money for their family.

If you’re busy talking about your business, when do you have time to talk about their problems?

You need to put yourself in your clients’ and potential clients’ shoes.

Why are they looking at your business in the first place?

What is it that came into their heads that made them say, “Hey, I need to take a look at what they have going on!”

Was it because they were interested in your industry?

Because they care about how many sales you make?

Probably not…

They started looking into what you do because they have a problem and they think you can solve it.

That’s it.

What does this mean for you?

It means you need to take a hard look at all your marketing materials — including your website — to make sure it’s focused on your clients and potential clients, their problems, and how you solve them.

You also need to focus on what makes your solution to their problems unique — or at the very least, what makes it better for a particular type of client.

For example, do you offer a service that’s more convenient than the competition?

Are your prices more affordable?

Do you have a higher-quality product?

What is it about the particular solution you offer that would make someone choose you over another business?

That’s what you need to focus on.

Focus on the Clients

A couple of weeks ago, I had coffee with a former client. His business has grown like crazy over the last year, and so we were talking about ideas for his marketing and a potential rebrand.

He liked the idea of telling his clients about the reason for rebranding and changing things at his company.

I stopped him in his tracks. “Dude, no one cares about your internal issues or how your brand and positioning impact you! No one cares about your business.”

We shifted the conversation from talking about why the changes matter internally to how the changes will actually solve big problems for his clients.

Because when it comes to marketing, branding, and selling, that’s all that matters.

And when you talk about how your company solves big problems for your customers, people actually listen.

Does your website clearly state what problems you can solve for your customers? If it doesn’t, I can guarantee you’re losing money.

Grab the Website Content Course and we’ll break down each page of your website and show you exactly what to say, no matter how unique or niche your offering is.

Is this something you can do yourself?


The problem is that most business owners are just too close to the business to be able to think like their customers.

They often get bogged down in details. They focus on features instead of benefits. They aren’t clear on what their customers really want.

And in many cases, this leads to website content that’s wordy, overly technical, and too in-depth for the average customer.

Look, people have an attention span today less than a freakin’ goldfish.

They’re not going to read paragraph after paragraph about the solution you offer.

You have to be quick, clear, and to the point while still ensuring you’re pushing the benefits that they’re looking for.

Frankly, writing like this is a specialized skill and takes a lot of work, but that’s why we put together the website content course in the first place — because you can learn it.

There’s Freedom in This

You know what the best part is about no one giving a damn about your business?

You’re free to change it if it’s not serving your purpose.

That’s right—unless you’re indentured to shareholders, you can change your business as often, as quickly, and as radically as you like.

As long as you’re solving the problems you promise you will, no one cares.

That means you can develop your business into exactly the kind of company you want to run.

Don’t like the product you sell? Make a change.

Don’t like the way your logo looks? Get a new one.

Hate the customers you serve? Change your target market.

Tired of working 8–5, M–F? Switch it up.

You have total freedom when it comes to your business. You can do whatever you want to do — you just have to make sure that you’re solving a problem that someone is willing to pay you to solve.

And that they’re really clear on why they should pick you over someone else.

So stop focusing on your business.

Start focusing on your customers.

And if you need some help, let us know.


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