Prospecting and Marketing to Business Owners (3)

Marketing & Selling to Business Owners

How Exit Advisors Can Use the Problem Solver Method™ to Capture Attention and Win More Clients

  • Jan 26
  • Noon Central

Getting Business Owners' Attention is Tough

Discover Ways to Simplify Prospecting

In this session, we'll unveil the strategies that really work when it comes to catching the attention of potential business owner clients and converting them into paying clients.

Here's the scoop: business owners aren't waking up every day thinking about selling their businesses. Since that's not their primary focus we need to step into their shoes and speak to what's truly on their minds.

Learn how to bridge the gap between what they're investing time in today and the work you know is vital for their future. Join us for a webinar that'll unlock the secrets of business owner psychology and revolutionize how you connect with potential clients

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Jan 26 @ Noon Central

Prospecting Business Owners Webinar