You’re a Problem Solver — Don’t Waste Time on These Other Things

One of the biggest roadblocks that business owners run into has nothing to do with outside forces and everything to do with themselves.

Most business owners are extremely self-motivated. They have no problem getting things done. You can’t successfully run a business if you don’t have this character trait.

The problem is that, for many business owners, it’s really easy for this to get out of hand — for them to spend their time on tasks that, yes, they can do, but that they really shouldn’t be doing…

Because their time is just much more valuable than that.

Look, you’re a problem solver — and the problem you solve is something that you do in a way better than most.

Whatever the problem is that you solve, that’s what’s bringing money in the door. That’s the most valuable thing for your business. That’s what you should be spending your time on.

When you’re spending time on other stuff that you’re not making money for doing, then you’re ultimately holding yourself back.

This means those tasks (big and small) that aren’t your specialty and that, more importantly, don’t make you money — like designing a website, writing social media posts, or fixing problems on your website.

These are tasks that should be delegated to someone else, either inside your organization or outside of it. These are tasks that, sure, you might save some time or money by doing it yourself, but will those incredibly valuable hours that you could have spent doing something only you can do — will those have been well spent?

Here’s what you shouldn’t be wasting your time on.

You’re a Problem Solver, not a Web Designer

And here’s the crazy thing — even if you are a web designer, you might not want to be designing your own website.

You only have so many hours that you can work each week.

Those hours fall into two major categories — revenue-generating activities, and non-revenue-generating activities.

Guess which category designing your own website falls into?

The thing is, if you’re like most business owners, you’re probably a perfectionist. This can be great when you’re working on something for a client that pays well or when you’re designing a new product, but it’s torture when you’re working on something for yourself.

And the truth is, whatever you might save by designing your website yourself, you’re probably going to ultimately lose out because those hours were wasted (and wasted and wasted and wasted) as you obsessed over a website design you shouldn’t have been working on in the first place.

If you save $4,000 by designing your own website, but you spend 200 hours on it, did you really come out on top?

You’re a Problem Solver, not a Web Developer

The same goes for when it’s time to build your website.

Sure, maybe you can do it yourself. And if you’re a professional web developer, maybe it will even come out great.

But is that time really well spent?

If you save a few grand but miss out on $50k in potential new business, did you actually save money?

Websites also require constant maintenance. Should you really be spending 1–5 hours a week messing around with your website when you could be drumming up new business, or designing a new product, or doing any of a hundred more valuable things with your time?

You’re a Problem Solver, not a Content Writer

Professional writers spend enormous amounts of time learning to do what they do — and then even more time practicing it until they’re great at it.

You might be a good writer, but you’re not a professional.

But when you see the price of a blog post these days, you might balk. You might think, “oh, I can just belt one out myself.”

And then, when you find out that the writer might be able to write a blog post in only an hour or two, you might find yourself encouraged to take over this side of your marketing.

You might even take on the job of writing all the content for your website.

But here’s the thing.

You’re going to take longer to do this than a professional writer would.

And then you’re going to have to edit it yourself.

Which you’re probably going to want to do multiple times.

How long will this realistically take you?

If we had a nickel for every client who said they’d write the content themselves by the deadline and then failed to meet the deadline, well…

We’d have a lot of nickels.

Your time is much better spent focusing on your problems — not making promises about content that, realistically, you don’t have time to write anyway.

You’re a Problem Solver, not a Website Security Specialist

Do you know how to prevent a hack on your website?

Do you know what to do if you get hacked?

And even if you do, do you have the time to mess with it?

Fixing a website that’s been hacked can often be a huge time-sink.

Wouldn’t the time be better spent generating revenue? Getting new clients? Keeping existing ones happy? Coming up with more and better products and services?

Of course, it would.

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