A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem for the Business Transitions Summit

Our client Tom Bronson created the Business Transitions Summit as a way of getting his exit-planning business in front of potential clients while simultaneously doing something amazing for the business community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

They needed the website to match their beautiful branding, be incredibly engaging, and merge seamlessly with their event management tool.

Where that functionality really shined was on the page that displayed the agenda for every session of the conference.

Information Before the Event, Access to Content Afterward

Like any big conference, there were multiple sessions going on each day at any given time. 

Attendees were only able to personally attend a portion of all the available sessions, but most of them would have been bummed out if they hadn’t been able to find out what the other sessions were about.

That’s where the agenda page came in super handy. On that page, before and during the conference, we listed every single session along with a summary of what attendees could see. 

After the conference, we updated each session summary with a video of the session itself. Every session was recorded, which meant that attendees had access after the conference to everything they missed.

They could even review the sessions they were able to attend if they wanted to.

This made the conference far more valuable to attendees. They got access to all available sessions for the price of their ticket — not just the ones they could go to physically.

Of course, we couldn’t just open this up to anyone and everyone, so we put it behind a login page where attendees had to enter a password only they had access to.

Making Access Easy for Attendees, Making Management Simple for the Owners

Rather than making every attendee create their own username and password to access this content — which would have been a major pain for Tom’s team to manage — we created a single username and password and then shared it with the attendees after the conference.

We also made it very easy to update. All Tom’s team has to do is log in, check a few boxes, enter some information into a few fields, and presto, it’s updated.

With no ongoing development necessary, Tom and his team have a tool they can use as long as they want.

When they’re ready to launch their next conference, we can easily create the same kind of functionality for them, ensuring attendees to all future events get the same amount of value from those conferences as attendees at the Business Transitions Summit got from theirs.

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