Building a DISC Mini-Assessment for Lead Your Firm

When our client Lead Your Firm came to us, they needed help. They wanted to put together a mini DISC assessment on the website we’d built for them that would help their customers learn more about themselves and their workplace preferences and tendencies.

Lead Your Firm helps independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) develop their employees into better workers and better leaders. They give RIAs the tools they need to increase employee engagement and retention.

The new tool they wanted to put together was a specialized mini DISC assessment. DISC is a workplace preferences and tendencies model that helps you better understand yourself by telling you which of these four major personality characteristics best describe you — Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

What Lead Your Firm wanted to do was create a free DISC assessment specifically for finance professionals, giving them information about themselves that’s directly applicable to their line of work.

They just weren’t sure how to develop such a complex tool on their website.

That’s where we came in.

Creating a Robust Tool That Works

Many people work under the impression that any sort of heavy functionality on a website — something like a really complex tool that requires a lot of mathematical formulae and calculations — is going to require an app developer.

App developers are expensive — so expensive that the cost is often not worth what the tool can do for your business.

However, that impression that most people have is mistaken: we’re actually able to add some extremely complex tools to many of our customers’ websites using our website development skills, giving them the functionality they need at a much more reasonable price.

That’s what we did here. Our client had developed a complex algorithm that used data they’d gathered on working finance professionals to give their potential customers results unique to their industry.

Every aspect of a customer’s personality was weighted and compared to the standards that Lead Your Firm had created using the data they’d gathered.

Beautiful Output

Once all the math was squared away, each customers’ results needed to be organized into a beautiful report that would then be automatically sent to the customer by the website — no need for Lead Your Firm to get involved at all at this stage.

We designed the report and matched the branding to their website and logo (which we’d also designed for them). The report would autofill with each customer’s unique DISC profile using a database of pre-written content.

It would then be automatically emailed to the customer in a pre-written email template that also invited them to buy the paid assessments if they found this one valuable.

Despite being free, this report that they received was very robust, including a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of their unique workstyle and how that can be applied specifically to their work in the finance industry.

They would be able to easily print the worksheet off to review or share with their coworkers, boss, or employees.

And if everyone was interested, they could purchase assessments for an entire department or company and work with Lead Your Firm to implement them so that everyone can learn how to best work with each other.

Got an Idea for a Tool on Your Website? We Can Help

If you’ve been thinking about adding a complex tool to your website to help your customers or generate leads, we can help.

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