From the Ground Up: Taking Trent Premier Growth to New Heights

When Trent Premier Growth came to us, they were beyond excited—their leader, David Trent, had launched this new venture to bring their exit planning expertise, combined with David’s status as a Pinnacle Business Guide, to the world.

As one of only a handful of Pinnacle Business Guides with CEPAs on their team, Trent Premier Growth wasn’t just another guide—this was something new, something different, something that had value beyond what many similar businesses could ever hope to offer.

They wanted that to shine through, and since they knew about our expertise in the exit planning world, they came to us. They wanted help designing this new brand and website, and they needed content to go along with it.

Peak Branding Elements for a Unique Twist

From the beginning, Trent Premier Growth had an overarching branding scaffold they were working within—Pinnacle Business Guides is an established brand that is covered with imagery and content relating to mountains (and the people who climb them).

We leaned heavily into these options, building the website using images and icons related to mountain climbing and exploration — but with a unique twist. We incorporated images of mountain scenes with specific lighting and filters to create a cohesive brand story. We wanted people to feel the connection between the physical rigor required to climb a mountain peak and the mental and emotional tenacity to achieve great things in the world of business.

We wanted people who have gone through the experience of pushing themselves to new limits to relate to what they saw on the website, to feel like Trent Premier Growth really understands who they are and what they struggle with.

Their target audience includes both entrepreneurs and business leaders who haven’t followed the beaten path, who understand the idea of forging ahead when others stay behind. We emphasized these ideas throughout the website content, reinforcing the visual metaphors of climbing and exploring.

The content further spoke directly to the clients in a way that makes it clear Trent Premier Growth knows what they’re talking about, and further, has the experience and knowledge necessary to help them reach the heights of success that they dream of.

We also focused on the ideas of partnership and guidance, making it clear that Trent Premier Growth isn’t just going to point the way, but is going to forge through the difficulties with them, standing by their side and making sure they’re always moving in the right direction.

A Unique Logo

While there were some easy paths that we could have followed for Trent Premier Growth, David is the kind of person who rarely thinks inside the box. Instead of following typical imagery related to growth or value building, we came up with a unique golden logo that’s both simple and memorable.

Because this logo stands out from competitors, it makes Trent Premier Growth shine in a way that the competitors will struggle to do. Combine this with their unique service offering, and they’re hard to beat.

The logo subtly signifies movement, change, and direction, and the golden color implies prosperity, strength, and trust. We combined this with an uncommon typeface that’s nevertheless approachable and friendly.

Those same visual metaphors we mentioned earlier? We tied them to the logo by selecting photos with distinctive golden lighting where possible (and added our own when a good option wasn’t available).

With a website, logo, and content all working together as a cohesive goal, there’s no telling what heights David and his team will reach next.

Need Help with Your Own Climb? We’d Love to Be Your Guide

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